That Home Owners make When Choosing a Contractor.

Mistake #1

Not providing the builders with specifications -This is an absolute must! Whether1. Not providing the builders with specifications – This is an absolute must! Whether provided by the architect or done by yourself this ensures that you receive an Apples to Apples versus and Apples to Oranges bid. Builders are not mind readers and the tendency is to simply specifications in order to keep cost down when no list is provided.

Mistake #2

Taking the bid out to too many contractors – Qualify your contractors up front and limit the bid to the three you prefer most.

Mistake #3

Not requesting enough references – Not only do you want references from current clients you should request references from past clients go back at least four years.

Mistake #4

Going with the least expensive contractor – If you choose the similar contractors their quotes should be in a justifiable range. When ones cost to construct if significantly different than the others chances are exponentially high that something was missed.

Mistake #5

Offer to pay your builders for their bids – With the understanding that if they are awarded your business the cost of the bid gets credited to the cost of your home. Bidding cost the contractor both Money and Time. When you offer to pay to cover that cost the contractor will provide a more thorough cost estimate.

Mistake #6

Request an open book policy -Too many contractors guess at numbers. When a job is bid properly the contractor should have proposals to back up the majority of the numbers in his cost estimate. Soon as you hear “I’ve done this so many times I don’t need proposals from my subcontractors” run away, don’t walk.

Mistake #7

Too many allowances – Educate yourself, your home is your biggest purchase. It is to your benefit to visit showrooms and make selections prior to signing a construction contract. This cannot always be done. When it is it reduce cost overruns and extras.